MGV combines a personal one-on-one approach with a thorough business knowledge honed by dealing with businesses and managers over the past 10 years.

Business Consulting

We have all the consulting experience and business knowledge you set businesses on the right track. We combine strategy, technology and management consulting expertise to help organisations succeed to create competitive advantage.

Strategy Consulting

Our mission is for consistent strategic success. The strategy creates value for the internal structure and the clients on a day to day basis.The balance of financial performance is often combined with investment analysis.

Project Management

Projects can be managed at any level according to company procedures and protocols. We have experience across different sectors and are able to assist by bringing a disciplined and focused project delivery approach.

Risk Consulting

Managing risk well is strategically important and essential to the success of your business. Reputational and regulatory risks are a main threat affecting many businesses today.


Financial Consulting

Your finance team should be at the heart of your business strategy, driving decisions using insights built from data and a cross-business perspective. MGV can help deliver where it matters. A healthy heart means a healthy business.


Digital Transformation

To succeed in the digital marketing world, businesses must not only provide superior customer experiences but deliver on their promises in a faster and more shrewd way.