Managing risk well is strategically important and essential to the success of your business. Reputational and regulatory risks are a main threat affecting many businesses today.

Effective risk management processes need to be embedded into core decision-making. We’ll help you to make confident, well-informed choices that drive more value and deliver outstanding results.

Starting in the boardroom and working across your entire business, we are experienced in managing diverse risk issues including: fraud & financial crime, regulatory compliance, data breaches, cyber-attacks, technology risk management, risk frameworks and modelling, capital efficiency, corporate governance, dispute resolution and many more.

Developing a clear and effective risk and controls operating model relies on understanding the importance of keeping pace with regulatory change and ensuring your risk mitigation safeguards, practices and process always remain fit for purpose.

However, developing a risk and controls operating model that works for and supports the needs of your entire organisation is a complex task. As a result, at MGV, we make it our top priority to help our clients to better understand the industries and markets in which they operate, the processes they currently have in place to mitigate risk and support them in developing more clear visibility and accountability across the risk and control environment.