Project management structure is very vital to the success of any project team; an organisation or project team that is structured gives support to the work that’s being done. Misaligned project management teams or organizations create a negative impact on the outcome of a project.  This is simply because the organizational structure has an influence on the authority of the project manager, thereby affecting how projects are run. It goes without saying that non-structured project management teams often  lack guidance and a guided team drives successful projects.

In each business, we look at the project management organizational structure from two angles; Firstly in terms of who the project leader is and who is responsible for decision making where the project is concerned.

An organisation could be defined as a group of persons who come together to accomplish set goals; in order to successfully achieve those set goals, a project manager would need to familiarise himself with the project management office structure.

There are several approaches to project management structures

An organisational structure could be described as the official line of authority and control within an organisation. Project management structures tell us how reporting relationships work in a particular organisation.

Depending on the environment the organisation finds itself operating in, the goals they set for themselves and the nature of work being done, we would find that organisations are structured different ways, to which we find the best solution that works for each client.