In-Company Training Courses

Please find below a full list of our in-company training courses. Each course can is run at your company premises, anywhere in London, in the home counties, for three or more people.

All our courses are bespoke,  tailored for your business. This training is comprehensive, coupled with practical application lessons, in order to keep it engaging and memorable.

Budgeting for managers

Gain a thorough understanding of budgeting and forecasting. A practical one-day budgeting course covering practical budgeting and forecasting tools and financial planning techniques.

Course Aim

The budgeting and forecasting training course will help demystify the world of budgeting. It will also provide participants with the techniques and confidence to manage and control their budget effectively.

Our budgeting courses explain financial terms and budgeting tools in a way that a non-financial manager will understand and relate to, in their own line of work. The trainer will also use “real life” examples and case studies and encourage participants to work in small groups, whilst enjoying the subject!

Building high performance teams

Build high performing teams in your organisation.

Raise team motivation and performance levels to achieve your business goals, with our high performance teams course.

Course Aim

The high performance teams course is designed to help managers and team leaders develop the knowledge and skills to create and maintain a high performance team.

We will utilise the Belbin Team Roles model and self perception inventory to raise self awareness of participant’s preferred team role within a team, as well as the other behavioural characteristics that need to be present to achieve a high performing team.

Participants will also learn techniques that will engage and inspire their teams to achieve a higher level of team performance and synergy.

Chairing meetings

Increase meeting productivity and reduce time spent in meetings.

Our one-day chairing meetings training course provides you with the techniques to structure meetings professionally and get the best contributions from the meeting participants.

Course Aim

To help managers get the most from the meetings they chair. The training will also help them achieve clearly defined meeting outcomes, by improving participant contributions and overcoming meeting challenges.

Change management

Effectively manage organisational and cultural change.

A highly practical one-day change management training course, which can be tailored to your needs. The training focuses on developing the critical skills to effectively managing change in the workplace and covers how to motivate people through the change process.

Course Aim

To provide leaders and managers with clear insights on how to effectively motivate people through corporate culture or organisational change. It will also equip them with some effective skills and knowledge for managing and communicating change.

Competency based interviewing course

Reduce staff turnover and select high performers to your team.

Using the Competency Based Interviewing technique within your selection interviews will help you identify those that will perform well within your team.

Course Aim

This practical course will enhance participants’ skills, knowledge and confidence in recruiting and selecting the right team member for the job using the competency based interviewing technique. Available as a half-day or one-day training programme.

We recommend that the competency based interview training is embedded with two to four of your core competencies that are used in the majority of jobs within the organisation to help embed the consistency of selection decisions.

Coaching skills

Essential coaching skills training for managers, to boost performance.

Improve employee performance and learn valuable coaching techniques, with this one-day coaching training course.

Course Aim

To equip managers, team leaders and internal coaches with the skills, knowledge and confidence to coach individual team members to improve their own performance and confidence.

Our coaching skills training gives participants the opportunity to practice the GROW model devised by Sir John Whitmore, based on successful coaching in the world of sport. In addition, it will also help raise self awareness in others and motivate and encourage self responsibility within those being coached.

Creativity and innovation

Improve innovation and develop creative thinking in your workplace.

An inspirational one-day creativity and innovation training course to develop creative thinking – for managers and work teams.

Course Aim

To provide managers and specialists with a range of simple creative thinking techniques that they can use to generate ideas and solve problems at work. In addition, real life work problems and opportunities can be built into the creativity course, to help generate some ideas and potential solutions that can be implemented at work.

Delegation skills

Become more productive at work, by learning effective delegation skills and techniques.

Learn how to delegate tasks and motivate others with this practical one day delegation training course, which includes fun exercises.

Course Aim

In this practical course participants will be provided with a range of tools and templates to help them learn how to delegate tasks and use effective delegation as a key development tool to motivate and challenge their people. It will identify all the considerations that need to taken before, during and after a task has been delegated.

Emotional intelligence

Develop your interpersonal skills with our Emotional Intelligence course.

A practical emotional intelligence course which gives useful insights into how emotions shape our behaviour and how we can use this to inspire high performance.

Course Aim

To increase participants’ knowledge of “EQ” and to improve their interpersonal and intra-personal skills, as well as their adaptability, stress management and general mood.

Our emotional intelligence training builds an understanding of how emotions shape who we are, how we relate to others and how to improve relationships. Participants will leave with tools that shine a light on what EQ is and how to use it to great effect.

Facilitation skills

Become a more effective group facilitator.

In this group facilitation training course, participants will learn facilitation skills and techniques to encourage and support a group of people to achieve their goal or objectives.

Course Aim

During the training, delegates will learn how to facilitate meetings to maximise individual and group contributions so that their meeting participants achieve their desired objective.

The facilitator will demonstrate a range of group working methods that the participants can practice and use in the meetings they facilitate. Participants will then be given the opportunity to try out a group working method and use their facilitation skills in the practical context of their own work. This will help them to prepare for the next meeting they will be facilitating.

Finance for non-financial managers

A useful introduction into the world of finance, for non-financial managers.

This one or two-day course offers comprehensive finance training covering many essential financial concepts including balance sheets and P&L, cash flow, working capital, financial reporting, capital expenditure and forecasting.

Course Aim

The aim of this two-day finance training course is to provide participants with knowledge of the role and principles of budgeting. It also helps delegates to gain confidence in using the basic terminology and accounting principles of financial management, for personal and business success.

In addition, it gives an overview of the issues and challenges faced by finance management from both the ‘customer’ and company’s perspective. It should also give the ability to challenge finance and accounting information and an appreciation of the inter-dependence of business functions enabling participants to discuss the commercial performance and challenges within the organisation.

The trainer will use “real life” examples and case studies and encourage participants to work in small groups, working interactively and enjoying the subject!

First line manager training

Learn essential management skills in a practical and fun environment.

This course is a comprehensive one-day line management training programme for new managers and team leaders.

Course Aim

This one-day course provides a valuable introduction to people management. It covers communication skills and team leadership, as well as introducing practical delegation techniques to help boost productivity. The training is aimed at new managers.

Leadership skills

Develop key leadership skills to get the best from your team.

Help leaders increase their future focus and adapt their leadership style to achieve greater business results and employee engagement. Run in-house at your business premises in London and across the UK.

Course Aim

This course helps leaders identify their focus and style of leadership, identifying where and how it adds value to the business and the team/s they lead. Our leadership skills training also enables leaders to consider how they can extend their leadership influence to create maximum business results.

Performance appraisals

Learn how to conduct effective performance appraisals.

A comprehensive one-day performance appraisal course for managers, to improve appraisers’ performance management techniques.

Course Aim

Provides practical performance appraisal training to help participants:

Acquire the critical knowledge, skills and confidence to undertake effective performance appraisal discussions with their direct reports.
Improve the performance of their direct reports through the effective use of the performance management process.

Performance management

Learn effective techniques to manage employee performance.

Our performance management training covers practical techniques and processes for managing employee and team performance.

Course Aim

This interactive one-day training course will bring consistency in applying performance management within the business. The course will help managers and team leaders recognise their role and contribution to effectively manage performance and conduct at work.

A link can be made to the organisation’s policies throughout the course to help embed effective performance management techniques and practices into an existing framework.

Recruitment and selection

Recruit the best candidates and improve business performance.

A comprehensive recruitment and selection training course which covers practical interviewing skills and candidate screening methodology with hands-on exercises and practice interviews.

Course Aim

This practical one-day recruitment and selection course provides participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to recruit and select the right team member for the job.

We recommend that the recruitment training programme takes into consideration your company’s recruitment and selection process. As a result, this will ensure that the training embeds best practice across the organisation.

Importantly, participants go on to practice their interviewing skills during the course. We use either internal candidates (not attending the programme and unfamiliar to the participants); or candidates external to the organisation. Consequently, this provides participants with more of a “real life” experience.

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